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P.P.P. Nambudiri

Padinjare Pattu Mana


Palakkad district

Kerala 9446246485

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The Padinjarepattu Mana of Thiruvegapura is a very ancient Nambudiri Illam (House). They are famous astrologers, experts in Vettila Jyothisham - prediction using betel leaves and Poojas and Homams .From the distant past they are all Upasakas of Lord Vettekkaran.  The mana is situated near the bank of Thutha puzha, (River Thutha) surrounded with small hills and green forests, 5 Kilometer away on Valanchery Pattambi Road in Palakkad district The name of the Bust stop is "Ambala Nada" ( The Temple gate of Thiruvegapur Siva Temple).The nearest railway station is at Kuttippuram and Airport is Calicut.The nearest Towns are Valanchery and Pattambi.  Thousands of devotees are coming every year to worship Lord Vettekkaran Temple inside this Mana.
Steps to the Padinjarepattu Mana from Thuthapuzha Thuthapuzha
thoothapuzha thoothapuzha
thoothapuzha gate of Siva Temple Thiruvegapura on the Valanchery Pattambi Main Road
Thiruvegapura Siva Temple One amoung 108 Siva Temples of Kerala Thiruvegapura Siva Temple One amoung 108 Siva Temples of Kerala


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